Chandler Property Management has built a solid reputation of providing the highest quality townhouses, duplexes, and apartment homes in Bowling Green, KY. The company’s expertise is proven through our well-trained, professional management team, providing prompt, efficient service for every customer, each and every day. Serving the needs of over 1200 customers with approximately 1000 apartment homes in the Bowling Green area, Chandler Property Management has just the right place, just for you.

Take a few minutes to view some of our residential communities, or request specific information based on your own needs. Just navigate through our website and you should find all the information you need to choose an apartment home in the Bowling Green area. If not, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Whatever your needs may be, from location and size… to price range, there is a perfect residential setting for you, and you can count on Chandler Property Management to help you find just the right place, just for you.